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If You Have A Toothache What Will We Do?

Pain indicates an underlying problem. Proper investigation and diagnosis will allow us eliminate the source of your pain.

If You Have A Swelling.

A swelling normally indicates an infection. If left untreated the swelling could get much larger and the infection could spread.

Broken Tooth.

A broken tooth can indicate the presence of decay which has weakened the tough outer surface of the tooth. If treated promptly it could be restored back to its normal state. If not restored it could deteriorate and cause a painful abscess.

Lost Crown Or Filling.

We can re-cement a crown or inlay if it has been dislodged from the tooth. If un-restorable we can replace the crown or inlay while you wait using our Cerec 3D system. It is important to contact us if you lose a crown or inlay as an unprotected tooth can lead to pain or other damage.

Wisdom Teeth.

Wisdom teeth can cause pain and swelling if there is insufficient room for them to break through the gum. An untreated infection can limit the extent to which the patient can open their mouth.

Emergency Denture repairs While You Wait.

A cracked or fractured denture is a real nuisance, but our highly skilled dental technician can repair it while you wait. We can repair most cracks, dentures broken into two pieces or even multiple fractures. We can also add new teeth onto existing dentures. Most repairs take approximately one hour.

In the unlikely event that your denture is un-repairable, a brand new denture could be manufactured in as little as three days.  

Please phone us if you require this service.


My filling fell out on Thursday night! I rang the practice @ 08:10 on Friday morning...! My appointment was @ 09:10....the same day...., a small injection....., I was numb by 09:15....!
"would you like a White or silver filling, sir?"
White was a couple of quid extra, required no forcing into the  cavity, took half the time & effort, looks twice as good & "sir  
you can chew on it immediately....!" I can't wait to go back.....!
Maybe I should have all my silver fillings changed......?

Registration not necessary

You don't need to be a registered patient to receive emergency dental care if you are in pain. We are used to treating nervous or apprehensive patients, so don't worry.

In the case of a dental emergency during practice hours, please contact us immediately. We always endeavour to see a patient in pain on the same day or early the next day, so the sooner you contact us the better. On weekends and bank holidays one of our highly skilled and sympathetic dentists is on call, and will offer an emergency appointment at the practice if needed. This emergency Weekend and Bank Holiday service is provided free for our Denplan patients. Non Denplan patients wishing to access this service are charged an emergency call out fee of £150 plus the cost of treatment provided.

Contact us immediately if you have any of the following;

  • Toothache.
  • Swelling.
  • Broken Tooth.
  • Lost Filling.
  • Lost Crown, Veneer Or Bridge.
  • Painful Wisdom Teeth.
  • Bleeding after extraction

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